Afro Dance Xplosion organised by the “The American in London” Carolyn Lilly (CEO Feel the Rhythm Productions) will produce, ” A Change is Coming” performance 18th, 19th, 20th Oct 2019 @ Rich Mix London. ADX’s aim is to showcase artists from the African Dance Diaspora. The performance will feature the international renowned Performer Merlin Nyakam plus some of the best Choreographers and dancers in the African, Cuban and Brazilian dance, plus Hip Hop, Afro Beat ,Dance Hall, Jazz and more.

Similarly in the 90s other festival had a similar objective:

I remember my cousin Vicky Spooner, created The Black British Dance festival in the 90s. There was such a buzz around the time: Why? What for? Who is she? However, she opened up the opportunity for quite a number of Black Dance Artist or Artist from the African Diaspora to create, produce and showcase their work. Her festival ran for at least 2 years: productions at the Cochrane Theatre and other venues.