Migration means movement from one location to another; synonyms: relocation, emigration, expatriation.

Many an artist have found themselves working in another country for various reasons. My parents relocated to the UK from Barbados for employment; they had worked already scheduled here, so they were actually expats. Their romance commenced in London; net result, myself and three other siblings!

Similarly, I remember leaving the UK in the 90s to tour Europe and finally settling in Paris, where I was able to follow my dreams of becoming a Professional Dancer. France at the time was renowned for its various performing arts opportunities. Maybe, this is why Gene Kelly created “An American in Paris,” Josephine Baker singing “J ai deux pays,” (she has two countries, Paris and America).

Artist in France, for example Dancers, Actors, Technicians, and writers etc, belong to a specialist employment agency ( ANPE). This organisation would have a substantial amount of work, that an artist could apply for. Therefore armed with my training and Dance Diploma from the Laban Centre of Dance and Movement ( Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Movement and Dance), I auditioned for several dance companies. Finally, working with quite a number of choreographers: George Momboye, Maurice Bejart, Euro Disney’s The Legend of the Lion King ( Choreographer Craig Revel Horwood) to name a few!

While I was in France, I developed new skills: learnt the language, moved into the property market, and created my own choreographic work.

The french were fascinated with my Black British persona, physique and training in those days ( now called Exoticism), which opened up a great deal of opportunities, for example film work: Le Jouer de Violin and other choreographic projects. Whatever it is called now, I enjoyed every moment: Fun, Food, and the Frolics of a young dancer in Paris! Ha ha Ha….TBC.