I discovered the French Raclette, while performing in “The Legend of the Lion King” in Paris. One of the french dancers suggested all of the dancers participated in her, “Friday Raclette sessions!”

This was so much fun; for several of the dancers in the show came from all around the globe: France, England, America, Cuba, Brazil, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

I anticipated the raclette session, for I was intrigued by the entire set up of french cuisine and conviviality.

Later that day, several dancers arrived with their raclette grills, and those who didn’t have a raclette devise, were instructed to purchase various forms of garnishes: charcuterie ( cold meats), cornichons, boiled potatoes, pickled onions and the raclette cheese or another cheese of their own preference.

These moments of discovering the French culture and cuisine, allowed all of the artist involved to appreciate this diverse, and eclectic artistic community.

Raclette is originally a Swiss dish; however it is also very popular in France. It is a simple dish of melted cheese and other accompaniments, but it has the art of bringing people together; maybe this is what the world needs now!